Domestic Rate

When it comes to Domestic courier and cargo services, it is all about trust and communication. Raj International has always been the epitome of professionalism and we value professionalism and commitment at the utmost level. Thus, we are the company to offers parcel drop-off facilities for almost all of our services along with parcel pickup-facilities as well from your local depot. Being blessed with a great bunch of professionals, we have always been able to deliver our promises.


Door To Door Service: This is the initiative we are proud of as a company, we are providing Door to Door services now which means you don’t have to go from one place to other at all. In this type of Domestic courier and cargo services, we take the package from origin door to destination door. There are two types of service in this particular service as well which is economical and premium.

The clients can simply place their order in our website and our staff will get to the address (the origin of the package), pick up the package from the origin and send it directly to the final destination address. In this process, the client has nothing to stress about as the entire process will be performed by our company smoothly.

Airport to Airport Service: This is a custom made service for our clients, we are providing Airport To Airport Service now. In this service we provide Airport to Airport delivery which means the client can provide the consignment in the airport and the receiver can receive it from the destination airport as well. If you ask what the benefits of doing that are, it is great for a rate cut.

Also since Air Cargo Service is a great deal of importance to the airport as well for the responsibility of the package, therefore, you do not have to be on time exactly to receive the package. This is a great service which is availed by the courier services to help both the customer and themselves to provide much more affordable plans.


Corporate Rate

Credit Facility: We offer our clients with credit facility because in corporate facility, we provide logistics as well who are way more regular for the usage of courier and cargo services. The clients simply have to fill up a form and they can pay on a monthly basis as well or using the credit facility. The company operates as a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets, we understand the requirements well enough.

Dependability: Being one of the trustworthy names in the business, as a company we make all our plans and deals quite affordable for all the clients. We work closely with customers to look at their entire supply chain, therefore, we understand their demands very clearly. Thus, we provide custom deals which can be profitable for both the customer and our company as well. This collaborative approach is a major reason why customers rely on us.

Mutual Trust: Being long enough in the business, we understand that nothing can be achieved without a mutual understanding. You can ofcourse survive but you cannot reach to the point of great partnership. Our company has two reporting segments: transportation and logistics. Corporate companies those who choose for regular service, or logistics can get great discounts from our company.

Individual Rate

Volume: The volume of the parcel matters because it increases the facilities you get from our courier and cargo company. We encourage you to deliver high volume packages so to get maximum profits. We’re a global team working with a shared sense of purpose to deliver on our promises. We execute a supply chain solution to incorporate detailed evaluation. If renovations are needed, we purchase energy efficient equipment where practical. We’re engaged as a team to help our customers achieve success.

Urgency: We have built a great team and a systematic workspace where we provide exactly what the customer requires. We have ample amount of options for customers where they can choose service according to their needs and thus, get the deliveries as per the urgency demands. Our team is well aware of the promises made by our company and thus, delivers to its best power.

Delivery: Again with a custom service, our company provides various deals according to the package deals you provide our company on a month basis. You can get great deals from our company if you are regular as we never disappoint our clients.

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Our Testimonails

Sameer Mehra

I have recently used the service to send a courier from India to Canada, very impressed with the service and communication.

Gurpreet Kaur

I am using your service for quite some time now and I am addicted to your professionalism. Thanks for such brilliant service.

Luv Dhingra

Thankful to Raj-International for doing such a fantastic job in delivering courier services. You have helped a lot in our business and continue to do so. Wish you good luck always.

Sulekh Chand Jain

You guys are my go-to international courier service whenever my son calls me to send out something to Australia.

Pradeep Kumar

I am glad to have used your service during an emergency situation. Thanks for delivering my package to Malaysia in the committed time.

Rohan Agarwal

Being a professional myself, I am very much looking forward to collaborate with your company as I have myself used your service before.

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