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Being considered as the skilled professional team in the international business, Raj International is a well known courier and cargo service company. We provide International worldwide service consignments successfully. We have a wide experience and knowledge in the field which helps us in expanding our business every year. As an international courier & cargo solutions, we are empowered with a great team who works tirelessly to meet the deadlines.

Raj-International works with an aim of developing in the industry, therefore, we keep our employees updated all the time. We are in a competitive marketplace where everyday our company needs to prove the professionalism by surpassing all the challenges. We are enriched with a team who has the ability and potential to deliver the best.

Keeping in consideration such factors, e-commerce sites always seek the assistance from multiple logistic partners to smoothen business operations. Raj International is one such name for domestic and international service operations. It tied-up with many e-commerce sites to fulfill logistics service to far off regions. In few locations, it doesn’t have direct branch operations. Options chosen for such situations are by involving franchises and collaboration with local parties to offer logistics solutions.

International Collaboration

We ship consignments in a wide range of countries worldwide, shipping with specialists for international delivery services are the best option to choose. We cover a vast range of express parcel and package services, We cover over 1000 cities worldwide spread across five continents. We have vendors we collaborate with like DHL, UPS, TNT Express, FedEx and Aramex. They are the best names in the business and we are proud in collaborating with such valuable companies who also delivers on-time.

Timely Delivery

We are a company with high values. In this age of competition, we have to be smart so that our clients can benefit on both value and efficiency. All the offers and discounts we avail to our clients are delivered by them and by their efficiency. Our customers come to us with a timeframe on which they want their courier or packages to be delivered and we respect that. Since, our customers have a belief in the fact that we can deliver to the promises, we do not want to disappoint on their leap of faith in our service. Thus, everytime we have a consignment, we deliver it on time apart from the natural disaster or formal disputes.


We have a vast number of talented employees working with us. We have hired some of the most professional minds in the business to provide the requirements of our clients. Since the clients that come for international courier demands need an estimated time commitment, thus, our service needs to be very efficient on fulfilling the commitments. Being in the business where ofcourse time is money but moreover, it helps in our longevity in the market.

Raj-International avails cheap courier services but we always ensure to charge the apt price depending on the variety of factors. We believe in providing a courier and cargo service which delivers on the commitment. Also, we keep on adding more new and skilled members in our team with ample
knowledge in the field of International worldwide service. Working with an efficient team is the only way forward we believe.

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Our Testimonails

Sameer Mehra

I have recently used the service to send a courier from India to Canada, very impressed with the service and communication.

Gurpreet Kaur

I am using your service for quite some time now and I am addicted to your professionalism. Thanks for such brilliant service.

Luv Dhingra

Thankful to Raj-International for doing such a fantastic job in delivering courier services. You have helped a lot in our business and continue to do so. Wish you good luck always.

Sulekh Chand Jain

You guys are my go-to international courier service whenever my son calls me to send out something to Australia.

Pradeep Kumar

I am glad to have used your service during an emergency situation. Thanks for delivering my package to Malaysia in the committed time.

Rohan Agarwal

Being a professional myself, I am very much looking forward to collaborate with your company as I have myself used your service before.

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